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The universe functions like a great copy machine of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions and converts them into reality!


The more you give sincere and affectionate love, the more you receive!


We are like gigantic walking magnets attracting to ourselves everything we focus our attention on, good or bad. Mentally fix this image in your mind! Apply it correctly in your life and observe the results!


Are you anguished, angry, preoccupied, resentful, envious, fearful, confused, jealous? If so, then, you will attract situations that will continue making you fearful, confused, angry, and resentful!


Remember, when you point a finger at others, three fingers point at you, subconsciously telling you that you are the architect of your own destiny!


Painting your beauty in the mirror is like wishful thinking. Just wishing and hoping for happiness and success is to escape your reality.


People limit their potential when their thinking is limited.


Don’t swim against the potential current of abundance and well-being of your life. Practice what you have learned here, and you will manifest the power of your new you.


We are the architects of our own destinies.


How can we liberate our genies, which are our bottled internal powers, limited by our negative and self-destructive ways of thinking and acting?


What Is the “Cork” That Is Repressing Your Genie?


Liberate Your Genie!